We're taking some time-off from shooting...

Thanks for sending us emails and inquiries and I'm feeling so bad for not able to reply all of you with our quotations...as we're taking 1 year off from shooting assignments. As much as I wish to pack up my gear and participating in all the wonderful weddings, I have to take it easy and rest.
Anyway, I will still be around, doing what I love - tapping my fingers on the keyboard, writing new posts and sharing wedding ideas, and also answering your emails if you have any questions. ;) So, do stick around for my next update! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daily Love : Photobooth

If both of you have never taken photobooth photo, you probably should make your visit. :D It's fun, truly your crazy-self and of course you can get lots of lovie dovie poses in there, trust me. And of course, you can use the photos (like above) to notify your friends about your wedding. Have fun! ;)

Daily Love...

Yup yup...again I've been away for a while..currently in my eight month and I'm experiencing these wonderful little moments and experiences of my life with the little one in my tummy. :)

I've been working on my personal blog, jotting down my daily lovesss...and I was thinking..hmm..I should add this category of daily love in Love Happens too! Basically "Daily Love" will be about the things I've found, seen, on the internet, magazines and of course Pinterest. (love it a lot :D) Basically they will be a short post with one photo or two. And the daily love which I'm going to put up here will be all about wedding... :)

Yup...I will share that in my next post! :D

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Wedding Deco : Origami Heart

Not sure what is easy and nice to use as decoration on your wedding day? These origami hearts might suit you.  ;) They are quick and easy to fold. Just choose the right pattern or colored sheets and fold the hearts away.

Pull a long string and stick all these little hearts using double-sided tape and hang them on the wall as decoration, and make the whole place full with loves. :) With that, you've also turned the wall into the background for your photo-shooting. ;)

Get the instructions here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aren't these bridal gowns gorgeous?

Aren't these bridal gowns gorgeous? These gown are by Sarah Seven who has her own bridal line. Love the simplistic and classy look.

The ruffled gown and the lacey top...you'll definitely look stunning on your big day in that. I guess the material should be light too, which you can save yourself from pulling that heavy long gown. :D

In love with this gold colored gown. Stunningly beautiful! 

The lacey dress on the left looks elegantly nice. Definitely good for your ROM. :)

Check out her official website at http://www.sarahseven.com/

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Pregnancy Post

It's been six speed-passing month. :) Stanley and I never thought it would be this fast, it's really like a blink of an eye and we have 3 months to go before meeting our baby in person. :) A good friend of mine told me that she's missing the days when she's pregnant as she enjoys the moment a lot and asked me to appreciate my pregnancy moments. Yea, I totally get what she means, cause I'm already missing my past few months. :D

It has been good first three months which I was just experiencing morning sicknesses and no vomiting (I'm lucky and blessed) and slightly being picky on food. Subsequent months were amazing to feel the baby growing, and sometimes I would be worried wondering how baby's doing until I get to see him in next doctor's visit. Given this our first time, there're mixed feeling of excitement, questions and also anticipations to be dealt with.

I was thinking that I would still be able to join a friend on his outdoor couple shooting this April, but I guess I would have to give that a pass. Pheeew! I miss those shooting days. :D I was able to move around freely in the first few months, until lately my tummy is gaining its size, I would need to get use to estimating the distance whenever I move around so that I don't go around knocking people or the wall. :D Hopefully I would be able to pick up my camera and restart later on by snapping photos for my little boy. :)

Now that he's doing his little stunts in the tummy, I can still remember when I first felt his movement and I had the second guessing whether it's just my tummy gasses. Until that night, I actually stared at my tummy and saw the sudden bump and movement and confirmed to Stanley that it's really him who's doing the kicking. That's
really the strangest kind of feeling that I've ever had. :)

Sometimes I will get water retention at my feet and short of breath, not to mention the weight gain. :) It's unavoidably part of the process which I would have to cherish. They've always said all of these will be so worthwhile when the baby is born...yea, it would definitely be one of the breath-taking moments. :D

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet DIY Ideas

Saw these 2 ideas which I must share with all the lovely brides-to-be out there! :) DIY handcrafts which are made by the brides are one of our favorites during our shooting. I always think that it's so valuable that money can't buy which personalizes a couple's wedding. :)

Let's check out what I have to share this week.

First one will be... DIY PINWHEELS

If you've always wondered what decorative piece you can give to your bridesmaids, what about lovely pinwheels like this? They're easy to make and definitely beautiful! Oh apart from the, you can also make more of them, and place them at your wedding reception table to be used for photo-shooting session. Wonderful isn't it? :) Checkout how to make them at Simply Sunstar (photos are taken from Jagger Photography)

The second one will be... DIY FELT HEART

Adorable right? If you love it, you can DIY and make this your unique felt heart bouquet which is definitely going to stand out. You can also make small little bouquets for your bridesmaids. I can imagine how beautiful the photos will be, with all the bridesmaids each holding this unique red heart bouquets with you standing in the middle...lovely. :) If you're not sure where to get the felt, email me and I'll tell you where. :D Check out the steps to make this at Labelle Bride

You can make one of these as your weekend project. :D Have a great new week! ;)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Sweet Love : Engagement Photos

Sometimes you're just unsure where do you want your engagement photos to be taken at or how it should be taken. Engagement photos is supposed to portray the feeling you both shared for each other at a place you're comfortable at. When we're doing shooting with couples, we always want them to feel at ease and to walk and hang around with us. Think about your photographer as someone who's documenting your love, think about the happiness and the feeling of having him or her next to you right at the moment, then don't hesitate but let it flow..let it flow.. :)

I'm in love. :) In love with these photos...the faded colours with colourful and artsy background in this spanish culture. Hope that these photos will give you some inspirations in terms of styling and ideas...I definitely feel the sweet sweet love from this lovable couple and gorgeous work by Ayenia :)

Special feeling towards this last photo. I love the clinging and the intimacy shared between them. :)

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