We're taking some time-off from shooting...

Thanks for sending us emails and inquiries and I'm feeling so bad for not able to reply all of you with our quotations...as we're taking 1 year off from shooting assignments. As much as I wish to pack up my gear and participating in all the wonderful weddings, I have to take it easy and rest.
Anyway, I will still be around, doing what I love - tapping my fingers on the keyboard, writing new posts and sharing wedding ideas, and also answering your emails if you have any questions. ;) So, do stick around for my next update! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cheers to love, for what it is.

Morning light is shining in through the car window, while I'm waiting for my breakfast. Guess I'm taught to appreciate the sunlight like every photographer, for morning sunlight is just too warm and too amazing to be missed. And then comes the song "Sing-a-long song" that simply "perfected" the whole scene. I'm fascinated instantly, as I personally love this song, and it reminds me how love....love could be simply wonderful and powerful enough to give the sense of belonging.

Falling in love is beautiful. Whenever I'm doing photo shooting for couples, nothing more I wish to capture than the romantic vibes, their moves. Which then you say to yourselves, "you both are amazing, carry on the love, for you're doing it great."

Don't give it away, as it makes everything beautiful. Never take it for granted, as money can't buy love. And it can only be perfect, if you share. :)

Cheers to love, for what it is.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lovie Dovie - Jeff & Phui Shee

She's coming from far away, holding drinks from starbucks and waving along the way. Yes, that's phui shee and Jeff beside her. Sweet and cute couple! It's such a good Sunday, to have fun leisure time, window shopping, enjoying sweeeet cupcakes and book shopping. Phui Shee found this little cheeky book called "I Really Love You", they really enjoyed flipping through the book and giggling all the way. :D Can't help but capturing moment like this. :) Thanks for the great morning!

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