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Thanks for sending us emails and inquiries and I'm feeling so bad for not able to reply all of you with our quotations...as we're taking 1 year off from shooting assignments. As much as I wish to pack up my gear and participating in all the wonderful weddings, I have to take it easy and rest.
Anyway, I will still be around, doing what I love - tapping my fingers on the keyboard, writing new posts and sharing wedding ideas, and also answering your emails if you have any questions. ;) So, do stick around for my next update! :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Sweet Love : Engagement Photos

Sometimes you're just unsure where do you want your engagement photos to be taken at or how it should be taken. Engagement photos is supposed to portray the feeling you both shared for each other at a place you're comfortable at. When we're doing shooting with couples, we always want them to feel at ease and to walk and hang around with us. Think about your photographer as someone who's documenting your love, think about the happiness and the feeling of having him or her next to you right at the moment, then don't hesitate but let it flow..let it flow.. :)

I'm in love. :) In love with these photos...the faded colours with colourful and artsy background in this spanish culture. Hope that these photos will give you some inspirations in terms of styling and ideas...I definitely feel the sweet sweet love from this lovable couple and gorgeous work by Ayenia :)

Special feeling towards this last photo. I love the clinging and the intimacy shared between them. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vintage Love

Yes, Valentine's day is next week! Bet all of you are feeling the love mood...As I laid eyes upon these vintage photos, I just gotta share it here. :) Wonderful photos done by made u look photography. Vintage looks and ideas are timeless and never go out of fashion. Hope you enjoy the selected photos.

As a starter, checkout the DIY vintagy poster with that gorgeous photo of them. This poster definitely going to stand out in your wedding banquet.

Whimsical effect on the photos...

Love the simple satin gown with the exquisite design at the back with that perfect veil look.

That's what every photographer loves to capture. Totally immersed in happiness.

Love this particularly!

How can I miss that DIY guestbook. The photos are pasted on the pages of an old book. Love the idea. :) 

Last photo not to be missed...captured during their first dance.

Check out Sam & Josh from made u look photography for the wonderful full collection of the photos. :) Enjoy and wish you lots of love in this Valentine's season, till then...xoxo

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So...this is Pinterest.

For all the brides out there, I suppose planning for your own wedding is am enjoying process but it can be quite a tough job huh? :D

Wedding planning is a lot of plans, plans and plans...and of course plentiful of  ideas. When i was planning for my own wedding, whenever i came across any ideas that i like on the internet, what i did was savings the images of the ideas into my organized folder. Not sure whether you gals are doing the same. :) Now, there's a better way of saving all your favourite ideas, which is by using Pinterest!

It's about pin-ing your favourite ideas in photos onto your clipboard. Yup, it's like your virtual clipboard. The best part of it is you can create as many clipboards as you want for your bridal flowers, bridal hairdo, gowns, photo styles, wedding decorations and so on. No more saving of images to your local drives but requires only internet to access to your Pinterest account. Isnt't that wonderful? Plus, you can check out other Pinterest users' clipboards and following them if you like what they like.

I found it to be quite an interesting method of storing or collecting what I'm interested in or favourite little things online. It's a way of sharing your collectibles and ideas with people with the same interest or who are planning for their own weddings. An amazing way of spreading and cultivating great wedding ideas around!

Just go to Pinterest and you will need to request an invite and Pinterest will email you the next step within 24 hours, if not mistaken. :) So, let's start creating pinboards now! ;)

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